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Our Vision

Inncircles Arena – a Modern Construction Management Platform, is a composed one stop solution for construction management that is highly configurable, easily adaptable, data centric while leveraging advanced artificial intelligence and cloud technologies to ramp up construction company’s digital transformation initiatives. It empowers construction teams to go beyond the tactical to strategic. Through the platform, residential, industrial and infrastructure construction companies gain real-time insights into their projects, a unified communication and collaboration space, powerful configuration capabilities to integrate with existing or legacy tools and technologies. Detailed products and solution packages allow for planning, scheduling, assigning, tracking, and analyzing construction work packages from pre-planning stage to handover. Solving Construction Business Challenges through

  • • Work Management: Elevate efficiency and transform project management by scheduling works, tracking progress while gaining real-time insights.
  • • Quality Management: Ensure projects meet the required quality standards by performing regular inspections and issue tracking.
  • • Safety Management: Record and monitor safety incidents in real-time, schedule inspections, and store pertinent safety documentation.
  • • Advanced Work Package (AWP): Build package of works, schedule work packages and monitor progress.
  • • Data and Analytics: Gain profound insights of projects through visually stunning dashboards that bring your data to life.
  • • Mobile Application: Offer mobile accessibility to enable field teams to access information, submit updates, and communicate in real-time, improving overall efficiency.
  • • Integrations: Foster connectivity in the construction eco system with Arenas potent integration capabilities.
  • • Pre-Construction Planning: Drive project planning, budgeting, estimating, bidding, and collaboration during the pre-construction phase.
  • • Procurement: Create procurement packages

Our Journey

Inncircles was born as a problem-solving company. We started out as a team trying to design a technological solution for a major construction company leading them towards digital transformation. This included solutions for complete business operations including back-office transactions, core construction management and front office customer touchpoints. The solutions we delivered had an impact on improving functional efficiency, ROI, collaboration between teams and significantly reduced direct operational costs to our customers. This way, we eventually grew out to become a Digital Innovation Company that builds products and delivers next-generation application services.

Our motto ‘start-up, speed-up and scale-up’ represents us in the unique way we conduct our business. We collaborated with multiple startups, SMBs in ed-tech, e-commerce & product development domains and contributed to driving significant business outcomes.

Along with helping companies experience digital transformation, we plan to extend our management and consulting portfolio to deliver success and create value to our customers. We currently explore opportunities to engage in your digital journey and can be positioned as a technology partner or a digital solution provider. We’d love to work with you and solve problems together to create a bright digital tomorrow!

Our Values

Empathy - We step into your mind and make your thoughts a reality

Perseverance - Rain or shine, we get your work done

Continuous Improvement - Change in tech...change in it anything, we learn and improve

Collaboration - We share ideas, work together to achieve common goals

Ownership - We create trust by taking initiative and being responsible for our actions

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Arena is a revolutionary and holistic construction management software built for General Contractors, Builders, and Sub-Contractors that connects people, tasks, and processes.


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